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Jersey Scoops Tasting Team

Jersey Scoops Tasting Team

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Hold onto your spoons because this is REAL, and it's about to get seriously delicious! 🍦✨

As a true connoisseur and a devoted follower of all things Foggy Bottoms Boys, we're thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you: be part of our Jersey Scoops Tasting Team! 🌟 This is the ultimate opportunity to step into the heart of our ice cream creations!

Picture this: you, at the forefront of crafting ice cream dreams into reality, tasting the finest flavors that Jersey Scoops has to offer even before our grand Jersey Scoops Shop unveiling! We're about to embark on a flavor expedition, and your palate will lead the way! 🎉

Here's what's in store for our Tasting Team members:
🍨 Weekly Flavor Adventures: Starting October 22nd, each week, you'll receive a cone or cup to indulge in and score the latest, most tantalizing scoop recipes. Now offering single ticket drop-ins for $10 each session.

Sunday Sweetness Extravaganza:
🍦 Every Sunday until December 24th, from 11am-6pm, our doors in Loleta will swing open for our Tasting Team members. It's a chance to immerse yourself in the joy of recipe development and relish the magic of ice cream creation.

Jersey Scoops Shop and Production Tour:
🥛 This is a rare opportunity to see our modern, Grade A and local dairy production facility that turns our milk into delicious ice cream! Learn how our grass fed cows milk is turned into our frozen dairy desserts!

Your passion for the perfect scoop aligns perfectly with our mission. Your feedback will directly influence the flavors that will grace our future menu, making you a vital part of the Jersey Scoops legacy!

Hurry and secure your spot on the Jersey Scoops Tasting Team—it's a golden ticket to ice cream bliss, and slots are vanishing like ice cream on a hot summer's day! 🌞

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