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The Barnyard Experience

The Foggy Bottoms Barnyard Experience is our answer to the much desired farm tour. We are able to provide three opportunities for engagement with us on the farm. All engagements must be arranged and confirmed in advance starting with the process of completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Barnyard Tour

A full barnyard tour includes a visit to our milking parlor, egg washing shed, maternity barn, paddocks and pasture grazing operations. We love to have conversations about our operation, our family history and Humboldt County Agriculture, but we will let you ask the questions! You will get to see our doves, sheep, dairy cows and if timing is right feed a calf! 

Time: 45 min
Cost: $10 per person or minimum $125 purchase of product
Size: 3 person minimum and up to 20

Brunch or Lunch

Barnyard tour with either a brunch or lunch. The experience starts with a release of our white doves on the historic Main Street of Ferndale! We will attempt to beat them back to their home on the farm over the three mile caravan guided driving tour with narration on history of the settlement of the Eel River Valley for approximately 10 minutes. Upon arrival you will assist in the preparations of a hearty farm meal featuring our pasture raised protein products and local produce for 45 minutes. We finish off with a full tour of the dairy and end the experience with the opportunity to fill up your coolers with purchases of our products. 

Time:  2 Hours
Cost: $95 per person with no minimum order amount
Size: 2 person minimum and up to 12

Full Barnyard Experience

The Full Barnyard Experience is a three hour opportunity including experiences with the basic tour and Brunch or Lunch! You will create a dining experience on the farm through the preparation of a meal with your own hands. Create the menu from a selection of local and seasonally available products from here on the farm and from several local surrounding farms.

While preparing your meal we will enjoy conversation over a Rumiano Cheese Board and Dick Taylor Chocolate, made from our region's milk. Paired with your selection of local wines. After we indulge in the meal you prepared we will top off the evening with the best s'more fire pit action in the valley! This Barnyard Experience comes with options for several customizations and add-ons including live art creations via chucking paint filled eggs onto your canvas! Find out what add-ons are currently available by inquiring.

  • Bottle Feeding Calves/Lambs
  • Egg Canvas
  • Hand Dove Release
  • Soil Demonstration
  • Seed Saving
  • Dryer Ball Felting
  • More seasonal opportunities

Time:  3.5 Hours
Cost: $125 per person with no minimum order amount
Size: 2 person minimum and up to 12