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Recycled Egg Carton Fire Starters
Recycled Egg Carton Fire Starters
Recycled Egg Carton Fire Starters

Recycled Egg Carton Fire Starters

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Introducing Foggy Bottoms Boys Fire Starters - the eco-friendly solution to starting your fires! Made from recycled egg cartons, these fire starters are not only environmentally conscious, but also highly effective.

Each box contains 12 fire starters, each of which can be easily broken into smaller pieces to ignite your fire. Simply place a few pieces under your logs, light the starter with a match, and watch as your fire ignites quickly and easily.

Not only do these fire starters save you time and hassle, but they also help reduce waste by repurposing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. And with their compact size, they're easy to store and transport, making them ideal for camping trips or backyard barbecues.

Join the eco-friendly movement and choose Foggy Bottoms Boys Fire Starters for all your fire starting needs! Our recycled egg carton fire starters are a must-have gift for anyone who loves a cozy fire or outdoor cooking. Plus, you can feel good about supporting a product that is made from recycled materials and helps reduce waste.

Order now and enjoy a hassle-free fire-starting experience.