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Foggy Bottoms Boys Lamb with rosemary

Premium Lamb Share Pre-Order

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Our hillside raised lamb comes as tender, yet tasty as you can get. Grass-fed and managed with pasture rotation for optimal yield, our lamb comes from the dual purpose Romeldale breed or California Variegated Mutant (CVM).

This heritage breed is known for a range of natural colored varieties, Romeldale fleece provide beautiful fine wool. It's a little known fact that they also provide exceptional meat. Our lamb comes in various cuts, great for versatile styles of cooking.

We sell both whole and half lamb at $12 per pound, this includes the cost for USDA wrapping of the meat. To reserve your meat for the season, we take security deposits at $100 for a half and $200 for a whole pre-order. $300 half lamb and $600 for a whole lamb is the current market value.

A whole lamb is a box of 50 lbs of finished and vacuum sealed and frozen packages. Full payment after deposit due on pick up or delivery. You’ll be contacted to schedule pick up depending on current freezer inventory and harvest schedule with our local butcher. 

All of our beef is finished here at the Foggy Bottoms on verdant green pastures. Utilizing regenerative farming practices we aim to sequester carbon and promote biodiversity for healthy ecology and communities. All of our hunks of meat are USDA wrapped at our local processing facility within 20 minutes of the farm. Currently, our beef is available by local delivery from Rio Dell to McKinleyville, Farmers' Markets and Jersey Scoops Pick-Up. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and new release dates!