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Goat Share

Goat Share

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Next to pork the most commonly requested protein that we don’t raise is goat. We’ve teamed up with a local farmHER here in in the Foggy Bottoms to bring you this exceptional protein though. The most widely consumed meat in the world, goat is an essential element in many dishes. Combining a delightful mild flavor with just enough fat and exceptional tenderness. 

A single share will contain 10lbs of goat meat with an assortment of cuts. We will do our best to provide desired cuts but cut selection will ultimately be driven by availability. Possible cuts may include: loin chops, rib chops, ground, ka-bob, shanks, leg roast and ribs. 

All goat cuts will come frozen and vacuum packaged with a USDA seal of inspection. Local delivery and farm pick-up only.