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Flaming Ice Cream Snowball - IN STORE PICK UP ONLY!
Flaming Ice Cream Snowball - IN STORE PICK UP ONLY!
Flaming Ice Cream Snowball - IN STORE PICK UP ONLY!
Flaming Ice Cream Snowball - IN STORE PICK UP ONLY!

Flaming Ice Cream Snowball - IN STORE PICK UP ONLY!

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Jersey Scoops' Flaming Ice Cream Snowball: A Gourmet Treat Rooted in Humboldt County's Dairy Heritage

Celebrate Dairy Heritage and Gourmet Flavors:
Jersey Scoops proudly presents the Flaming Ice Cream Snowball, a fusion of 1950s nostalgia and contemporary culinary artistry, deeply rooted in the rich dairy history of Humboldt County. Our dessert is not just a treat; it's a tribute to the legacy of pioneering dairy farms and creameries that shaped the region's history. 

Premium Handmade Quality:
Each Flaming Ice Cream Snowball is a testament to our commitment to tradition and quality. Made within 10 miles of our farm and within 24 hours of milking, we use only the freshest, creamiest milk, reminiscent of the renowned Ferndale butter that once brought premium prices in San Francisco. The heart of our dessert is a rich sweet cream vanilla ice cream, blended with fine desiccated coconut shreds, delivering a delightful texture and taste.

A Spectacular Fiery Finish:
Wrapped in a shredded coconut, our Snowball offers a visually stunning and deliciously caramelized experience, capturing the essence of the Golden State Creamery's pioneering spirit and the dairy revolution in Ferndale and Loleta.

Elegantly Adorned:
The dessert is beautifully topped with a single red candle, embraced by intricately piped buttercream holly and berries, adding a touch of elegance and festive charm.

Limited Time Pre-Order:
Available through a limited pre-order every Friday by noon through January 1st for Sunday pick-up only. Jersey Scoops' Flaming Ice Cream Snowball is not just a dessert; it's a piece of Humboldt County's rich dairy history, served with a side of nostalgia and gourmet craftsmanship.

Humboldt County's Dairy Legacy in Every Bite:
Inspired by the dairy-farming traditions of Humboldt County, our Snowball is handcrafted with the finest local ingredients. Humboldt's dairy industry, renowned for its quality and innovation, was a cradle of dairy farming ingenuity. The region's lush pastures and pioneering spirit led to the development of the first sweet cream butter and the establishment of cooperative creameries, setting the standard for dairy excellence.