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Farm Tour

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*** Returning Spring 2024 ***

Join us on a captivating journey through the world of regenerative agriculture as we invite you to tour our historic 6th-generation regenerative dairy farm nestled in the picturesque heart of California's Eel River Valley. This exclusive farm tour promises an unforgettable encounter focused on sustainable agriculture, heritage, and a profound commitment to climate-beneficial practices. 

Your journey commences with a warm welcome from our passionate farmers, whose family has lovingly tended this land for over 100 years. They'll share captivating tales of the farm's humble beginnings, its transformative journey towards regeneration, and the challenges and triumphs that have shaped its remarkable legacy. 

Stroll through our pastures, where contented cows graze freely on nutrient-rich grasses. Witness the symbiotic dance between the animals and the land, fostering a harmonious cycle of regeneration that enhances soil health, captures carbon, and preserves biodiversity. Gain insights into our ethical and sustainable dairy practices that prioritize the well-being of our animals and the land they inhabit.

As you meander through our historic barns, you'll discover how we have skillfully integrated modern technologies and regenerative principles, fostering an innovative approach to dairy farming that respects the past while embracing the future. Our experts will gladly enlighten you on the methods we employ to minimize waste, conserve water, and reduce our ecological footprint while delivering the highest-quality dairy products to the world.

The Farm Tour is an enriching experience for families, students, and eco-enthusiasts alike. Whether you seek a captivating educational adventure or a serene escape into nature, this tour promises to leave you with a profound appreciation for the power of regenerative farming. Book your Farm Tour in advance to discover how a sixth-generation regenerative dairy farm in California's Eel River Valley is pioneering the path to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow!

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