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Fall Shepherd School
Fall Shepherd School
Fall Shepherd School
Fall Shepherd School

Fall Shepherd School

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October 8th-10th, 2022

Join us for a three day course designed to provide the beginning and/or potential shepherd with an introduction to building and caring for a flock during lambing season. The focus will be on providing hands on education that will build the skills required to maintain healthy, happy and profitable sheep. Saturday and Sunday evening we’ll gather around the fire pit to enjoy dinner together and recap. 

Over the course of the three days we’ll focus on multiple topic areas including:

- Lambing- Shepherds School will coincide with our fall lambing. Each day we will spend time on the lambing pasture and in the jugs. The goal is to build the skills to successfully lamb ewes on both pasture and in jugs.

- Flock health/ nutrition- you’ll learn to perform a health check and identify the most common ailments 

- Equipment- through the course of each day we’ll explore the equipment that is a must and that which would be nice

- Low Stress Handling- gain hands on practical experience moving a flock and handling individual animals.

- Grazing- explore multiple grazing systems and assist in setting up and moving intensively grazed paddocks. Learn the basics of evaluating forage density and quality. 

- Shearing and wool- "get a grip" on evaluating fleece quality and structure. This will also include a visit to our shearing shed on the island 

- Breeding- perform a fitness exam on mature rams and prepare them for the season. Discuss the advantages of various breeding strategies.

- Goals and objectives- we will provide opportunities for one on one and group discussions of your particular sheep flock and business goals. 

Lunch and dinner will be provided each day. Meals will feature products produced at Foggy Bottoms Boys or local to the farm. On-site dry camping is available, or we’re happy to provide accommodation recommendations.