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Beef Share - Deposit
Beef Share - Deposit

Beef Share - Deposit

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Our beef are managed 100% grass-fed, rotating among dairy pastures with high octane feed that was planted to support the production of milk. This subsequently makes for a faster finish time and higher marbling in the muscle fibers.  While most of our herd is Black Angus we use Murray Grey as additional genetic inputs where needed.

We sell shares in these amounts with size requirements listed:

1/8: 2.5 cubic feet or the size of upper freezer
1/4: 5 cubic feet or the size of a mini chest freezer
1/2: 10 cubic feet or the size of a deep chest freezer
Whole Beef: 22.5 cubic feet or the size of two chest freezers

Purchased on the hoof with 60% yield guarantee by pounds outlined in the beef share cut list diagram.

Depending on time requested we may not have any share size available at that time and may take a month or longer for preparations and custom cut instruction for your desired outcome. If you are ready to purchase now, go directly to our beef share product page here! Once a deposit is placed we will contact you about upcoming delivery/pick up date, and final payment options.

Feel free to reach out to us to check on product availability.

Share Total Cost:
1/8 - $487
1/4 - $970
1/2 - $1,678
Whole - $2,960

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