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Egg Handling Course

Egg Handling Course

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.Get involved with and learn about regenerative agriculture by washing eggs with us! For this hands-on experience, you’ll prepare cartons of eggs to get cased and sent off to stores while learning about our chicken farming practices, how they improve our soils and products. See what production processing looks like! 

You’ll get to see freshly collected eggs come in from the field, and go straight to washing. As far as egg operations go, ours is still relatively small, so our egg washing machine needs a little manpower; that’s where we come in! On one end someone will be loading unwashed eggs onto the machine and “candling” them, and on the other someone will be “grading” eggs and sorting them into the proper cartons. The whole time you’ll get to chat with handling professionals about where our food comes from while joining in on the process. 

Egg washing currently happens on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am-11am.

  • Be prepared to stand for up to three hours.
  • Layers are best no matter the season.
  • We do wear smocks over our street clothing but don't wear your Sunday best!
  • When the washing is over you will get to take home farm fresh eggs!