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Carne Asada

Carne Asada

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Experience the vibrant flavors of our Carne Asada, a cherished cut sourced from our pasture-raised beef. Averaging  2 pounds this traditional Latin American favorite is renowned for its bold and savory profile, bringing a taste of authentic cuisine to your table. Our ethically-raised cattle graze freely on lush pastures, ensuring superior meat quality and a guilt-free dining experience.

Carne Asada is carefully selected from premium beef cuts, such as skirt steak or flank steak, known for their robust flavors and tender texture. Our expertly prepared Carne Asada captures the essence of traditional recipes, allowing you to indulge in the authentic flavors of Latin American cuisine.

Carne Asada is incredibly versatile and lends itself to a variety of pairings and preparation methods. Consider marinating the meat in a blend of citrus juices, garlic, and spices imparts a tangy and aromatic flavor. Grill or sear the Carne Asada to perfection, resulting in tender, juicy slices with a mouthwatering char.

Serve your Carne Asada as the star of a classic taco feast, accompanied by warm tortillas, fresh salsa, and guacamole. Alternatively, slice it thinly and incorporate it into sizzling fajitas, where the robust flavors of the meat shine alongside vibrant peppers and onions. Carne Asada can also be enjoyed in salads, rice bowls, or even as a filling for quesadillas. Our favorite way is to prepare over fresh cut fries!

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Latin American cuisine with our pasture-raised Carne Asada, representing our commitment to both exceptional taste and ethical farming practices. Each bite carries the legacy of traditional recipes and the finest quality meat, allowing you to savor the essence of Latin American flavors in every delicious mouthful.

All of our hunks of meat are USDA wrapped at our local processing facility within 20 minutes of the farm. Currently, our beef is available by local delivery from Rio Dell to McKinleyville, Farmers' Markets and Jersey Scoops Pick-Up. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and new release dates!