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Bummer Lamb Shepherdess Yarn
Bummer Lamb Shepherdess Yarn

Bummer Lamb Shepherdess Yarn

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This special yarn is spun from the fleeces of two special sheep, Lily and Daisy. Our niece, Katie, raises all of our bummer lambs earning her the monicker “Bummer Lamb Shepherdess”. Last year she decided that she was ready to start her very own flock and wool enterprise. We gifted her these two ewe lambs as the foundation of her flock. Raised on a bottle, shown by her and now preparing to have their own lambs; she sent their fleeces to the mill to be spun into this yarn. 

This bulky weight 2-ply yarn is a 100% natural colored Romeldale wool. In a natural muted grey it has a soft yet springy handle. The yarn screams to become a warm scarf, shawl, sweater or beanie. 
All proceeds from the sale of this yarn go to Katie as part of her 4-H project. They’ll fund the continued development of her flock and yarn line. When you purchase this yarn you’re supporting the future of climate beneficial natural fiber. 
Sold in 120 yard skein. Our sheep enjoy grazing on coastal pastures and eating a variety of plants. Some vegetative matter will find it’s way from the pasture into the yarn.