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Foggy Bottoms Boys Stew Meat in wok with broccoli

Stew Meat

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Sold in one pound packages experience the comfort and heartiness of our Stew Meat, a versatile option sourced from our pasture-raised beef. This cubed meat, carefully selected from various cuts like chuck or round, is perfect for creating flavorful and tender stews. Our ethically-raised cattle graze on nutrient-rich pastures, ensuring superior meat quality and a dining experience that satisfies the most discerning palates.

To create a comforting and flavorful stew, sear the Stew Meat cubes in a hot pan to develop a rich caramelized crust. Transfer them to a pot with aromatic vegetables, broth, herbs, and spices of your choice. Simmer the stew slowly, allowing the meat to become tender and infuse the flavors of the ingredients.

Pair your hearty stew with crusty bread or fluffy mashed potatoes for a satisfying meal. You can also add a variety of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, or peas to enhance the texture and flavor profile.

Enjoy the warmth and nourishment that our pasture-raised Stew Meat brings to your table. Each bite reflects our commitment to quality and ethical farming practices, ensuring a delicious and comforting experience that will satisfy your cravings for a hearty meal.

All of our beef is finished here at the Foggy Bottoms on verdant green pastures. Utilizing regenerative farming practices we aim to sequester carbon and promote biodiversity for healthy ecology and communities. All of our hunks of meat are USDA wrapped at our local processing facility within 20 minutes of the farm. Currently, our beef is available by local delivery from Rio Dell to McKinleyville, Farmers' Markets and Jersey Scoops Pick-Up. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and new release dates!